Friday, 11 March 2011

Relax and Cure Trauma

  1. If you are stressed or depressed, one of the most amazing ways to feel better, is to make time to relax. If you need help right now, then find out how to be trauma free in 7 days or less here....
  2. Prepare to relax. Once you have accepted that there are negative stressors impacting your life, it's important to make room for relaxation amid all those busy things you're doing. Adding relaxation to your day will improve your productivity, not lessen it; while not adding relaxation into your life can lead to burn out, fatigue, stress-related illnesses, and constant insomnia. Ways to prepare for adding relaxation back into your routine include:
    • Let go of guilt. Many religious and cultural beliefs instill the value of hard work very deeply. Over time, and increasingly so with the advent of smart technology that keeps us hyper-wired 24/7, many of us have come to believe that being "on-the-go" constantly is the only way to prove our value. Having an unrealistic interpretation of "hard work" will end up wearing you down – hard work is giving your tasks the attention they deserve at the time they deserve, not letting it bleed into all hours of your day!
    • Accept that sleep is a very important part of life. During sleep, your mind continues learning in ways that are not possible during waking hours. Sleep restores and refreshes your body in myriad ways that do not occur when awake. Do not be tempted to devalue the worth of sleep. Moreover, the alleged ability of some people to thrive on four hours sleep per night is the exception, not the rule – most of us need the 6-8 hour sleep cycle for full restoration.
    • Recognize that finding your own optimal ways to relax may take time, and some trial and error. Don't give up – keep searching until you find the right combination of activities that relax you and rejuvenate your enthusiasm for living fully.
  3. Practice breathing techniques. Slow down your breathing and actively concentrate on it. This is always the easiest way to self calm, provided you remember to resort to it.
    • Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
    • Inhale deeply, count to five, then exhale slowly, counting to five. Do this ten times to relax your muscles and nerves. Always relax on the out-breath.
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