Monday, 14 March 2011

Charlie Sheen and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder...

I promised myself I wouldn't follow the "Charlie Sheen Circus", but here I am, analyzing his behaviour in my unprofessional blonde manner - it's simple:  he shows the classic symptoms of ptsd.  Obviously, none of his former treatment has addressed his early traumatic experiences which is why he's still hooked on destructive outbursts and negative conduct.

Charlie, do yourself a flavour: and all those who love you and need you (kids): get help.  Call Dr. Phil, seriously Dude.


  1. Charlie is a great actor.....How many of us is like him..Many I will say....Only thing is his famous.Where not.........I have many friends doing far worst things......Daily than old Charlie..Majority of cases is like Charlie's....We should thank him.Not scorn him

  2. I hear you Johan....I see his pain, we all do. We can't thank him for his harmful behaviour because it hurts him, his children and those who love him. We can thank him for entertaining us and being a great actor, but he needs to take care of himself and get help from the right people...lashing out, as he is now doing is not helping him or his loved ones....