Monday, 14 March 2011

My Safe Haven...a Poem for all veterans

What secret Heaven would it be
To lay my heavy head upon the 
Beautiful breast of a lady kind and warm
To let my  hot tears flow onto her chest
As she stroked her fingers on my  brow
And whispered that I was safe from harm

To know that no matter what I told her
Of the things I have had to do
She would love and comfort me
With a heart strong and true

I am not that person who pulled the trigger
And shot that little boy
Neither am I the being who polished my gun
And called it my favourite toy

I did what I was called to do 
In the name of Freedom and Glory
And now that it's over they tell me
Not to worry...

I am forever changed:  their faces 
Come to me at night and haunt me
I call to God for forgiveness and to the 
Devil not to taunt me

She kisses my forehead and tells me
To let it be
But I can't, it's in my veins, my thoughts
And everyone I see

So this is what I must live with
It is the price I must pay
To know that she and you are safe
In this world that winds away...

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